Digital temperature Controller PXE-4

Simple and compact

  • New design:
    1.6-mm thick, world’s thinnest front panel
  • Shallow depth: 62 mm
  • Input type and measuring range are programmable
    A user can switch input type among Pt100 and thermocouples and their measuring range with front keys
  • Flexible:
    • ON/OFF control, PID control and Fuzzy control (with auto-tuning)
    • Relay contact output or SSR/SSC drive output
  • Up to two alarm outputs
  • Front waterproof structure (IP66)
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Power supply voltage 100–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption ≤ 5 VA (at 100 V) or ≤ 6 VA (at 220 V)
Input RTD (Pt100), thermocouples (9 types)
Indication accuracy (±0.5% of indicated value or 1°C, whichever is larger) ±1 digit ±1°C
Sampling rate 0.2 s
SV/PV correction Provided
Control ON/OFF control, PID control (with auto-tuning), Fuzzy control
Control output Relay contact output or SSR/SSC driving output
Alarm output 1 or 2 (option)
Alarm type absolute value, deviation value, zone, high, low, hold, alarm latch, excitation/non-excitation
Burnout If burnout occurs, the output goes to high limit or low limit.
Display 7-segment 4-digit LED
Process value and set value
Parameter loader software
  • Allows parameter setting, editing, and saving
  • No need for power supply for PXE
  • You cannot control temperature via the software
Enclosure IP66, NEMA-4X equivalent (when mounted on panel), with front waterproof packing
Dimensions and weight 48 (W) × 48 (H) × 63.5 (D) mm, approx. 100 g
Mounting Panel mount (mounting fixture provided)
Terminal M3 screw terminal
Ambient temperature -10°C to +50℃
Approval CE marking, RoHS