FRENIC-VG /stack



  • Powerful: from 30 kW to 3 MW in dual rating (MD/LD)
  • Regenerative (converter) and non-regenerative (rectifier) headers from 132 kW to 3 MW
  • Flexible: IM (open and closed loop) and PMSM (closed loop) control
  • Easy to install
  • Harmonic distortion mitigation: Sinusoidal-wave Regenerative Header, 12 pulses layout, etc.
  • Taking the most benefits from DC bus link sharing: multiple possibilities of power layout
  • Redundancy: possible to work at half power in case of maintenance or stack failure
  • Non-stop function and other possibilities
  • Making safety easier: STO, SS1, SLS, SBC
  • 690 VAC series (coming soon)


FRENIC-VG (FRN-VG1) / stack

With FRENIC-VG, Fuji Electric has concentrated its technologies to deliver the best-performing inverter on the market. In addition to its basic performance, this model features the following dramatic improvements: support for previously difficult applications due to technical and capability limitations, easier and more user-friendly maintenance, as well as environmental friendliness and safety. The FRENIC-VG Series now proudly introduces the inverter as a unit type as well as a stack type