GE Druck PV621-IS PV 621 IS Intrinsically Safe Pneumatic Pressure Station 300 psi (20 bar)



  • ATEX approved for hazardous areas
  • Advanced pressure generation
    • PV 621 IS 95% vacuum to 20 bar (300 psi) pneumatic
    • PV 622 IS 95% vacuum to 100 bar (1500 psi) pneumatic
    • PV 623 IS 0 to 1000 bar (15000 psi) hydraulic
  • Replacement for hand pumps and gas bottles
  • Test gauge comparator
  • Quick-fit pressure connection system requires no tools or sealing tape
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IPV621-IS GE” Intrinsically Safe Pneumatic Pressure Station 20 bar  51,155.00


he Druck PV 620 IS Series Pressure Stations are ATEX approved for stand-alone use in hazardous areas. These high performance pressure-generating stations can replace conventional hand pumps and gas bottles to provide greater efficiency, ease of use and improve safety. When combined with a reference instrument, such as the DPI 104, they can be used as gauge comparators and pressure calibrators.


The PV 62X series of pressure stations have been designed for use with the DPI 620 advanced multifunction calibrator and PM 620 interchangeable pressure modules to provide a multi-parameter calibration system with unique pressure generation and measurement capabilities.


The PV 62I-IS has a conventional hand pump, volume adjuster and pressure/vacuum selector, but will generate pressure with half the effort of conventional systems.


The PV 622-IS 100 bar (1500 psi) pneumatic station represents a five-fold increase in capability and solves the transportation and health & safety issues of using gas bottles and regulators as a pressure source in field locations. It features an innovative dual stage system incorporating a hand pump to generate pressure and a screw press to intensify the pressure.


The PV 623-IS solves many of the problems associated with hydraulic pressure generation by generating pressure to 1000 bar (15000 psi) without the need for system priming and by providing a stable pressure within 1 minute.