Miniature Control Relays:HH52,53,54 series

Design features

  • 3, 5 and 7 Amp. contacts
  • 2PDT, 3PDT and 4PDT
  • Reliable operation, long service life
  • High dielectric strength
  • Solder, PC board, wire wrap and screw terminal socket
  • AC or DC coils Barriered contacts for oppositepolarity available
  • Dust proof enclosures
  • Approved by UL, CSA and TÜV


Coil characteristics

Ratings (UL and CSA)

HH5 series HH52P, HH53P, HH54P Plug-in Type




HH5 series HH52B, 53B, 54B PC board Type

HH5 series HH52S, 53S, 54S Flange Type






HH5 series HH52, 53, 54