Servo Drives Alpha 5

Servo Drives Alpha 5

Alpha 5 is the next generation servo system for ever-evolving machines. This servo system is produced with 3 main concepts: High Value, High Performance and High Usability by having the fastest working cycle time with 6000rpm maximum speed motors, frequency response of 1500Hz and 18 bits absolute information.


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  • Easy PTP Positioning: Position function is embedded as standard in general-purpose interface unit (VV type)
  • Simple Connection: General purpose communication servo
  • All kinds of general-purpose PLC, controller, or HMI (POD) applicable with Modbus-RTU can be connected to ALPHA5
  • High Performance: High-speed, high-precision positioning
  • Frequency response 1500 Hz
  • Max motor speed 6000 r / min
  • High-resolution encoder
  • 18-bit ABS/INC 262,144 pulses
  • 20-bit INC 1,048,576 pulses

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Servo Drives Alpha 5 Servo Drives Alpha 5
Servo Drives Alpha 5 Loader Software – A5_V3.5  Servo Drives Alpha 5 ALPHA 5_User manual – VV Version: MEHT300b