With its sophisticated communication technology, the TECHNOSHOT series accelerates development in all industries. The programmable operation displays in the TECHNOSHOT series are easy-to-see and have bright TFT color liquid crystal wide screens. A high-resolution display and high-speed response display give TECHNOSHOT panels a high power of expression. Communication technology drives innovation in every industry. To view more information about our products


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  • Remote Maintenance:
    Data in a TECHNOSHOT can be monitored and controlled from a remote place at low cost.

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  • 8-Way Communication:
    Communication is available with up to eight kinds of devices consisting of PLCs
    and peripherals of different manufacturers through Ethernet or serial connection.

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  • Path-through Programming:
    TECHNOSHOT allows you to write/read PLC ladder programs to/from your PC
    through Ethernet or USB connection.

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  • Multilanguage:
    You can change the language displayed on the screen to one of 16 languages.
    You need not manage files for each language.

Compatible language fonts:
English, Western European, Central European, Cyrillic, Greek, Turkish, Baltic,
Japanese, Chinese (traditional and simplified) and Korean.

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  • Trend Sampling:
    Various kinds of data, which change from moment to moment,
    are recorded chronologically and shown in a trend graph.

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  • Remote Desktop*:
    Screen on the server PC can be displayed and operated
    on a TECHNOSHOT through Ethernet.

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  • FTP Server:
    Data in the USB thumb drive fitted to the TECHNOSHOT can be read or written from/to the PC via FTP client tool.

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  • Operation Log:
    You can view log data for operations such as pushing of buttons and entering of values to check
    the “who/when/what/how” history and analyze the causes of failure.
    Operation history: Is saved as a binary file. No need to worry about falsification of data.

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  • Network Camera:
    Images shot by network cameras can be displayed on a TECHNOSHOT via Ethernet, which enables
    monitoring of production lines.

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  • Database:
    Various types of information such as production results and causes of failure and stoppage can be collected
    and saved in the database of the server through a TECHNOSHOT and V-server.

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  • Security Function:
    By setting a function limit according to the user level, a high-security environment can be established.

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  • V-SFT (Screen Configuration Software):
    Support for Windows 98SE / Me / NT Version 4.0 / 2000 / XP / XP64 edition / Vista 32bit / Vista 64bit /
    Win7 32bit / Win7 64bit / Win8 32bit / Win8 64bit
  • TS1070-WP / TS1100-WP (IP65 Gasket):
    Gasket for TECHNOSHOT (used when IP65 is required)