Touchpoint Pro Controller

Touchpoint Pro Controller

Honeywell’s Touchpoint Pro makes gas control system design, installation, configuration and operation simple. Intuitive and flexible, Touchpoint Pro offers optimum compliance, safety and productivity for sites.
Features & Benefits

  • Webserver ensures 24/7 system status visibility for constant safety
  • Flexible system architecture to meet specific site needs
  • Easily accessible system status that can be seen at a glance

Quick Specs

  • Up to 64 channels of detection and 128 output channels
  • Digital and analogue inputs available
  • Mulitple mounting possibilities
  • Touchscreen user interface


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Product Overview

The Fire Sentry FS7 Flame Detector provides and intelligent two-stage response to semiconductor wet bench fires:

Stage 1: Alert. This is the first-stage response to a small fire with a heat energy output of 3 kW (the equivalent of a 4-inch diameter polypropylene pool fire). This allows time for the fire to self-extinguish.

Stage 2: Alarm. If the fire does not self-extinguish, and grows to the Factory Mutual specified heat energy threshold of 13 kW (the equivalent of an 8-inch diameter polypropylene pool fire), the second-stage response is activated.

The Fire Sentry FS7-2173 is used with Fire Sentry FS7-130-SX Controller or Control Panel FSWB. Controller and Control Panel supply power to detectors monitor the status of all detectors and communicate with the detectors via the digital RS-485 communication channel. Fire Sentry FS7-2173 is supplied with a standard 20 ft. cable connector. Detectors are connected to the controller or control panel using the self-locking connectors and Fire Sentry junction boxes. This allows for fast and easy connections eliminating wiring problems. Each detector can store up to six time and date stamped FirePics™ (pre-event multi-spectral sensor array data) in non-volatile memory. Controller and control panel can also store event history table in the non-volatile memory, which contains the time and date stamped alert, alarm and fault histories. FirePics™ and event histories can be retrieved from the controller or control panel.

Fire Sentry FS7-2173-2RP unitized model’s microprocessor, with digital signal processing algorithms, continuously monitors the circuitry, sensor’s built-in self-test and verifies proper operation. Fire Sentry FS7-2173-2RP with discrete relay outputs is designed to operate as a stand-alone detector and interface with any approved fire alarm panel. The detector requires an external 24 VDC power source and is supplied with a standard 20 ft. pigtail cable. It can store up to six time and date stamped FirePics™ and 200 events in non-volatile memory. FirePics™ and event histories can be retrieved using a Fire Sentry FS7 Interface Kit and the Fire Sentry Windows-based PC software.

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Multi-Spectral digital electro-optical radiant energy infrared fire detector
  • Unique two-stage fire detection response
  • Immune to false alarm sources
  • NOT affected by absorbing smoke, gasses or chemical vapors
  • NOT sensitive to background radiant energy from electric heaters and ovens
  • Detects hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon fires
  • Rugged leak-proof, heat-sealed, acid-resistant, injection-molded polypropylene housing
  • Wide 120° field-of-view
  • Digital communication with RS-485 interface
  • FirePic™; time and date-stamped digital fire signatures
  • Built-in detector automatic self test
  • Unitzed model design for stand-alone operation

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Touchpoint Pro Controller
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Touchpoint Pro Controller
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