Miniature Control Relays:HH52,53,54 series

Design features

  • 3, 5 and 7 Amp. contacts
  • 2PDT, 3PDT and 4PDT
  • Reliable operation, long service life
  • High dielectric strength
  • Solder, PC board, wire wrap and screw terminal socket
  • AC or DC coils Barriered contacts for oppositepolarity available
  • Dust proof enclosures
  • Approved by UL, CSA and TÜV

Specificationsmini control relay hh5 01

Coil characteristicsmini control relay hh5 02

Ratings (UL and CSA)mini control relay hh5 03

HH5 series HH52P, HH53P, HH54P Plug-in Typemini control relay hh5 05




HH5 series HH52B, 53B, 54B PC board Typemini control relay hh5 06

HH5 series HH52S, 53S, 54S Flange Type
mini control relay hh5 07






HH5 series HH52, 53, 54

mini control relay hh5 08